Bioactive Totarol™ is a 100% natural organic NZ ingredient.

It is a uniquely New Zealand product that has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It is sustainably sourced from the heartwood of recycled Totara trees.

It presently has applications worldwide in personal care products, human health and animal health, and is manufactured as a raw ingredient and used by brands in finished products – L’Oréal, Kiehl’s, Jurlique & Red Seal to name just a few.

This magical ingredient is proven to be stable, nontoxic and sustainable making it an effective and desirable application in both the human and animal health industry. Due to its broad-spectrum abilities and no side effects, Totarol™ has the ability to replace current antibiotics, fight superbugs and has proven to prohibit resistance build-up. Which is why it is justifiably a unique super ingredient with far reaching powers and immense potential.

Totarol™ is the future in health.